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the Secrets
of the
Red Sea
Get to know the Red Sea. Go home with beautiful memories.
Go underwater and into a
natural reef
, without getting wet!
Get an incredible view of the Gulf of Eilat in our underwater observatory. Take a short walk on the Park's promenade, leading you from the dry land to our observatory tower on the Coral Reef Nature Reserve.  Inside the tower, walk down stairs, under sea level to magnificent views of underwater life, in action.  At 6 meters below the surface, you are actually in the coral reef itself, an intense and awesome experience.  Explore a reef that is home to hundreds of species of fish, coral and invertebrates.
Come face-to-fin with real sharks, stingrays, schools of fish and coral colonies. Explore our fascinating transparent acrylic tunnel placing you inches away from some of the world's top predators. Take an adventure through the tunnel and make sure you look up and around at the buzz of activity, in an underwater safari.
Your Window
to the
Red Sea
ReD Sea
Coral Reef
See our action-packed reef exhibit!
Take a closer look at the Red Sea coral reef through our beautiful model reef. This huge circular aquarium not only gives you a chance to really view the reef but is home to a variety of real corals. Watch pristine coral colonies and see the divers go in at feeding time!  See one of the largest reef exhibits in the world!
The Turtle
Come and hear the enchanting story of sea turtles. Our turtle pool is a wonderful home to two species of turtles.
In the past few years, dozens of turtles were born in the park which we raise and set free when they mature, thus contributing to the endangered turtle population.
Chana is the largest and oldest turtle in the observatory. She is now over 80 years old.
Aliens of
the Deep
A fascinating journey to the depths of the sea!
Venture into the mysterious world of the deep sea. With our advanced technology, visitors can watch an extraordinary computer-generated exhibition of dazzling jellyfish, luminous fish, squids and more.
Engage with the world’s largest collection of deep sea creatures!
Rare Fish
Meet the Divas of the Sea!
Get an exclusive peek at the fish who dare to be different, in the rare fish aquarium.
We have 35 aquariums that are home to hundreds of fish species, with a huge collection that are only found in the Gulf of Eilat.
Spot unusual and extraordinary vegetation, invertebrates, corals, animals and fish in their native habitats!
Guardians of
the Red Sea
We are passionate about protecting marine life and work hard to educate the next generation on guarding the oceans.
Some of our award-winning environmental projects are: The rehabilitation of the coral reef, successful mating of sea turtles, sea horses, and other animals. Join us as friends and guardians of the Red Sea and help spread the word!
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